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a division of the Ziegler Group

Simplifying Agent Engagement
for Enhanced Business Expansion.

Ziegler One serves as a support platform to manage the
onboarding strategy of all agents on behalf of the Ziegler Group.
We encourage all agents to register.

Registering with the Ziegler One Partnership Platform:
 - Partnership and trade lane development opportunities.
 - Ziegler Group directory listing enhances visibility.
 - Facilitates efficient communication with our teams.
 - Enables seamless collaboration and support.
 - Comprehensive partner selection.
 - Registration is entirely free.

The Partnership Platform supports connections between our regional
teams and valued agents, thereby creating a more versatile platform for everyone.

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List in the Ziegler directory
for onboarding.


Ziegler can reach the
correct providers.

Agent's Corner

Registered Agents can
access this Platform.

Ziegler One
Partner Platform

For over 115 years, the Ziegler Group has remained an industry leader, with agent partners in over 120 countries.

The Ziegler One Partnership Platform is designed to strengthen our support for active agents through an enhanced communication and onboarding strategy.


Excellence in supply chain. 

The Ziegler Group offer international logistics services and multimodal transport by road, sea, air, rail, and inland waterway.

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