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Ziegler One

Ziegler One Partnership Platform is a division of the Ziegler Group, designed to strengthen our support for active agents through enhanced communication and onboarding strategies. Established in 2022, Ziegler One quickly became the gateway for agents to establish connections and foster growth with our regional offices, especially those they haven't engaged with previously.

The Ziegler One Partnership Platform provides a centralised hub where agents can register and complete the comprehensive onboarding process, including a Ziegler Group Agency Agreement,  essential for fostering partnerships and driving mutual growth.

Active Group Agents have the opportunity to develop into regional and group partners through bi-directional cargo volumes or trade lane opportunities. As a global logistics leader, we pride ourselves on driving industry innovation and facilitating the growth of our independent global logistics community through selected partner accreditation.

We encourage all active agents to join our Group directory through Ziegler One, where registration is not only free but also unlocks a world of opportunities.

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Why Register with Ziegler One


We encourage all agents engaging with Ziegler to register through the Partnership Platform to complete the Ziegler Group  agent onboarding process. 

Registering with the Ziegler One Partnership Platform offers agents partnership and trade lane development opportunities. Being listed in the Ziegler Group directory enhances visibility and facilitates efficient communication with our teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and support, while also allowing for comprehensive partner selection. Registration is completely free of cost.


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