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Uniting Independent Freight Forwarders

Enrolling as a Member Agent places an agent first in line for Ziegler regional business. Through the Agent Rate Request Portal that has been developed for Ziegler branches, the selection will only allow for rate requests/estimates to be generated for member agents.

Because the Ziegler Group controls its own cargo volumes, members of Ziegler One (Z1) can benefit directly from these volumes, whereas traditional networks do not control their cargo and are merely a network to connect. Business Offers are subject to the estimate agreement provided in return.

Apart from our members accessing a reputation of 113+ years of supply chain experience, committed cargo quickly improves the tangible benefits to Z1 members compared to that offered by a traditional freight network.

Ziegler One will further endeavour to assist our members in expanding their often singular Ziegler region relationship to secure additional support from the Group's 15 countries. In addition, members will retain their regional support over those agents who remain non-members.

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What makes Ziegler One Different?


Based on the latest count, there are more than 250 freight forwarding networks out there. While some are significant in size, others focus on exclusivity to build a close-knit group. Networks allow independent forwarding agents around the world to compete with medium to large multinational logistics companies that often dominate the industry in their region.

The Ziegler One network provides a safety net and element of trust to enable our members to operate within the supply chain through its collaboration with network members.

There are several independent networks within the logistics and freight forwarding industry, and the common denominator of sales strategies seem to be to attract as many forwarders as possible to join their network. While most of these networks have the primary promise of increased shipping volumes and revenue,

Ziegler One backs up its strategy with the tangibility of the worldwide shipment volumes moved through the extensive infrastructure of the Ziegler Group regions.

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A platform that connects agents with the Ziegler Group regions, creating a structured network of preferred agents around the globe.


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The Ziegler One directory supports the Ziegler Group and Member Agents with a centralised database of our preferred agent partners worldwide.

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