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Ziegler One gives regional forwarders the opportunity to apply to our close-knit global Network of preferred partners. By engaging with the network, members will have access to Ziegler’s extensive forwarding footprint and benefits unique to the Ziegler One Partner Network that are lacking in other traditional networks.


We provide global logistics assistance through an extensive network of established forwarding
agents and take care of the mutual security of our network members. Ziegler One brings together renowned agents that our partners can engage with confidently.
Why choose us over any other network? In addition to the traditional network benefits, Ziegler One members will have the opportunity to access the following unique benefits:

Global Ziegler Key Partner Status

Provide seamless revenue-generating Ziegler-to-Ziegler-partner freight solutions and expertise to Ziegler Group and its trusted and vetted partners.

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Co-Branding and Accreditation

Enjoy the associated marketing and co-branding of Ziegler One to complement  and enhance their brand & reputation.

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Access to Ziegler Preferential Rates

Ziegler One Members will have access to the Group’s extensive service offerings and preferential freight rate structure.

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Global Sales Participation

Upon invitation, Ziegler One partners may offer joint network capabilities to prospective client tenders under the full scope of the Ziegler Offering.

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Access to Ziegler Solutions

With 113 years’ experience, the Ziegler Group’s innovative solutions for clients, employees and partners makes us a well-known and recognised market player.

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Standardised Procedures

A set standard of operational procedures established by Ziegler One to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance.

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Direct Messaging Tool

Network Global Partners will receive 5 Slack licenses per registered branch to communicate on the Ziegler One Channel and experience real time direct messaging 

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Ziegler Group Service Offering

Members of the Ziegler One Partner Network have the opportunity to offer various logistics services to the leading Ziegler Group
through its 154 offices in 15 countries and approved partners.



+ 3200




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road shipments through our own
fleet and charter network

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air freight shipments

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tons of sea freight cargo

113 Years

With 113 years of forwarding experience, the Ziegler Group has continuously strived to embark on new and innovative solutions that make us a
well-known and recognised player in the market. Through our integrated IT services, we have developed our own supply chain management solutions,
thus benefiting from having complete control over our activity and actual capability for innovation. These various digital solutions
enable us to offer our customers real-time control of their supply chain.

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