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      Ziegler One Network Partners will host its first annual conference in Brussels early in 2023. While we are keeping some details a secret while we plan the event, we will send our Member Agents a Save the Date card soon!  Agents can enroll as Members to join in.

      “Ziegler One in its essence is about building meaningful relationships with the members of the network rather than collecting underutilised contacts. It is about quality over quantity." 

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      Following the internal launch of Ziegler One to the Ziegler Group in March, we implemented the enrollment of membership to our Group partners, known agents and industry acquaintances. The news of a new network under the Ziegler Umbrella was met with 
      excitement and we saw a quick enrollment rate and steep incline in the enrollment numbers.

      We are excited to report that in the first quarter, Ziegler One enrolled agents in more than 60 countries and on average we see more than 400 visits each week on our directory.

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